Saturday, October 17, 2009

Restaurant Review: Honeypie

Image from Honeypie...

I finally got to eat at Honeypie in Bay View Friday evening after much anticipation. Really, I am not a food snob, I just usually prefer to spend my USD's on ingredients and do the cooking myself. However, if and when I do want to eat out, I will patronize Honeypie.

I actually wasn't even hungry, I was meeting friends. I did end up ordering the pork fries, fitting for a place with a "pig in a bib" on their logo... (Incidentally, my little boy-o loves saying "pig in a bib" and then laughing hysterically ever since we first saw the sign.) Pork fries are going to be my new guilty pleasure since they are delicious fries topped with BBQ pork, a cheese sauce and I'm guessing jalapenos pickled with coriander seed. Oh, yes, and then topped with bacon. I'm fairly certain this plate could have fed me for 3 days:

I mistakenly thought that the portion would be a bit more on the modest side since it was actually an appetizer, now I'm betting my bacon consumption for the week is nearing its max. The restaurant is actually just down the street from me, and is a sister to the Comet Cafe on the East Side. It's the type of place that feels homey, serves genuine food from responsible sources, and beckons you to eat meat though they do have vegan options for many things. In fact, Sasa went before I did and reported that the whole place smelled of meat. It must have been a day they were smoking something... since I thought it just smelled like a home kitchen.

We arrived early, were already acquainted with the waitress, (who besides that did an excellent and efficient job, complete with awesome recommends) and stayed until the place really started to jump for the Friday night fish fry crowd. I tasted some of the perch that Kim had, no pics since they were dim and blurry, and it was tremendous. It instantly transported me to my 8 year old fishing self and I could even see my Mom pan frying in the round portable skillet she used to have. Sasa had a sandwich, but I don't remember which one, and it looked great too. All of the portions were ample, and next time I go, I'm bringing my appetite.

My Rancho Gordo beans are nearly done, and what is for dinner tonight? Puerco. I think this really is the Porcine Weekend for me. I am planning to lay off the carnivorous side for quite a few days after, since I scored some really nice veg at the South Shore Market this morning. Today was the swansong of the season for us farm market attendees, though I am happy to see that there will be a Winter Farmer's Market (Indoors!) at State Fair Park on Saturdays starting November 7th and running through April 24th, 2010.

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  1. Oh my gosh -- look at all the great stuff you do when I'm not looking! :)

    We love Honeypie. How can you help but love a place that makes almost all of their sammiches on brioche??

    Have been there twice in its short life -- once for a late night dinner and once for brunch. Both times, I was more than happy with my food. And the service was just downright good.


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