Monday, March 29, 2010

ginger-cacao nib granola

ginger-cacao nib granola, originally uploaded by Rcakewalk.

If you like ginger, you must make this granola straight away. You will be as addicted as I am...

I adapted this recipe from Burp! since I was out of a few ingredients, but the results were still stellar. To their recipe, I added a cup of chopped walnuts, omitted the brown sugar and vanilla powder, and added 1 tablespoon of vanilla extract and a pinch of salt. Go on and start your ovens! You won't be sorry!


  1. Hey, thanks for the shout-out! I've been meaning to cut out the brown sugar in this recipe for a long time now, but haven't tried it. Good to know it's still just as addictive w/o the processed sugar!

  2. I think it would also be great in ice cream- I'm thinking one of those mascarpone ice creams that aren't too sweet. Adding the brown sugar would make it dessert worthy!!

  3. Looks great. Cocoa nibs are definitely the new amazing thing to happen to dessert (and granola!)

  4. We did eat ours on ice cream the last time around. With caramel sauce... was positively decadent!


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